Become the Captain of Your Cold Water Swimming Journey

This course has been created to ensure swimmers are fully equipped to swim safely in cold water.

It's an opportunity to dispel common myths whilst providing swimmers with the information needed to mitigate risks associated with cold water swimming such as hypothermia and the dangers associated with the body's cold-water shock response.

Winter swimming provides a physical challenge whilst also proving beneficial for the mental health. By slipping into cold water you are taking yourself through a controlled stress, training your body to manage the drop in temperature and pulling your focus to your core which many report to feel meditative.

As well as looking at the mental health benefits this course also focuses on cold water shock and the body's physiological response to exposure to cold water. Further to this we cover equipment, neoprene vs skin swimming, safe entry, acclimatisation, self monitoring and temperature recovery.

**Information in this course was correct at time of publishing. Reviews of courses are undertaken periodically.**

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